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TrimVac Control

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Breaking Saw EFA SK18WB
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Matador Kal. 25 Stunner Features:
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BVS Kreis GmbH

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BVS Kreis GmbH is spicialized on vacuum suction equipment with many years of experience.



The vacuum suction equipment can be assembled individually in order to adapt to the requirements, the work precesses and the building conditions of each customer.

Various suction handpieces and devices are available for vacuumin risk material such as spinal cord, spinal membrane, brains as well as flare fat, flare flat residue and fat residue from pigs, cattles, calves, sheep, goats and mutton.

The vacuum suction equipment and the corresponding devices allow you to produce clean, dry meat products, which improves both shelf life and quality.

Main applications:


  • Spinal cord removing with the TrimVac
  • Removal of bone meal and blood residue on the cut surface after halving
  • Fat remains


  • Removing of brain and spinal cord from the halved animal
  • Removing of flare fat residue and intact flare fat




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