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TrimVac Control

Saving money with controlled Vacuum Exhaust air-depended control for actuating a pneumatic ball valve in the vacuum suction line... mehr

Special Offer!!

Breaking Saw EFA SK18WB
  • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable depth of cut... mehr

Exclusive in Austria

Matador Kal. 25 Stunner Features:
  • Ergonomically designed trigger suitable for palm or finger operation... mehr

EFA – Slaughter- und Processing saws

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For over 75 years the name Schmid&Wezel has been synonymous with the highest level of precision, quality and partner-like collaborations. The brand "EFA" is even the leading player on the global market for butcher´s machines.

Specialists across the world appreciate the innovative product solutions, the high quality finish, and the exemplary service and – as a direct solution of this – the exceedingly long service life displayed by EFA products (it is not exceptional for our products to be in service for well over 20 years).

As it heads into the 21st century „EFA – Made in Germany“ intends to do ist utmost to maintain and to build on ist dominant market position. A high percentage of our products are exported and this plus the many years of partner-like calloaborations that EFA maintains across the world guarantees that our sucess will continue into the future.


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