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Our responsibility to the environment determines our actions.

TrimVac Control

Saving money with controlled Vacuum Exhaust air-depended control for actuating a pneumatic ball valve in the vacuum suction line... mehr

Special Offer!!

Breaking Saw EFA SK18WB
  • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable depth of cut... mehr

Exclusive in Austria

Matador Kal. 25 Stunner Features:
  • Ergonomically designed trigger suitable for palm or finger operation... mehr

Manufacturing and Assembly

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All machines and equipment are manufactured in-house. This gives us the possibility to select only materials of the highest quality.

All plants will be exclusively installed of our employees, who dispose over many years of experience and high expertise. By this means perfect operation and unobjectionably service is guarented. At putting into operation we espactially pay attention to proper and extensive training of the customer´s personnel and procure detailed information on function and method of working on the machines.
For periodical service works our experts are any time on disposal.

Spare parts procurance and deliveries will be carried out in very short times.

All ALCE - products will be delivered with clearly arrenged technical documentations for equipment and maintenance of the plant.





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