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TrimVac Control

Saving money with controlled Vacuum Exhaust air-depended control for actuating a pneumatic ball valve in the vacuum suction line... mehr

Special Offer!!

Breaking Saw EFA SK18WB
  • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable depth of cut... mehr

Exclusive in Austria

Matador Kal. 25 Stunner Features:
  • Ergonomically designed trigger suitable for palm or finger operation... mehr

Pesutekno Oy

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Pesutekno washing machines

Since 20 years Pesutekno has been developing and manufacturing washing and hygiene machinery and equipment for food production.

The machines are well known for the superior cleaning of tools, knives, gloves, cutting boards, machine parts, pots and pans from meat, fat, blood and milk protein.

The reliable thermal disinfection at 85º C completes the excellent hygienic result.

  • perfect hygienic and washing result
  • safe disinfection functional reliability
  • savings in cleaning times as tools need no pre-cleaning
  • low maintenance costs



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